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Sunday, January 25, 2009


Ear Worms, Tune Cooties, and Reptunes

Earworm (n) a tune that gets stuck in your head.

From the German ohrwurm

Close relatives: repetune1, tune cootie

The parasite won't go away and interrupts normal cerebral activities. It haunts you through the day, driving you mad! ARRRGH! Make it stop!! Someone please make it stop!!!

There are no known remedies for an earworm infection, short of replacing it with a different earworm. For instance, most victims report that replacing an ABBA reptune with a heavy dose of Moody Blues tune cooties is well worth the effort. Deadheads, while not immune to earworms, are unaffected by the symptoms that incapacitate normal homo sapiens. In fact, they seem to take a perverse pleasure in contracting extended bouts of the disease.

1Since Plutunes have lost their status as the farthest-out Earworms, Reptunes are now the most FAR OUT!! of music that won't leave you alone. The good news is that Reptunes only return once every 164.79 years.

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